Our Data

Property Price Data

All data used and featured on ippe.com is public and is taken from the Irish Residential Property Price Register (RRPR).

RPPR Data is updated approximately every two weeks, and is featured on this site the day after being made public.

The Property Services Regulatory Authority (RPSA) who maintain the RPPR state the following:

"The PSRA does not in any way edit the data. It simply publishes, in a fully transparent manner, that which is filed."

ippe.com does undertake data cleaning in order to provide a clearer picture of the Irish property market. Data cleaning steps include:

  • Removing all property sales marked as not at market price;
  • Removing commerical development sales and bulk sales of apartment blocks grouped in one transaction;
  • Removing duplicate (or near duplicate, indicators of typos) entries within a 1 month period;
  • Removing outliers where a property is sold for less than 2 standard deviations below the average price in an Electoral District; and
  • Removing outliers where a property is sold for more than 2 standard deviations above the average price in an Electoral District on a case by case basis, where no evidence of house existance and a justification of the price can be found.

At present, the RPPR contains over 250,000 property sale records, and while the above techniques cannot claim to remove all erroneous data, we believe it's a start and provides a more accurate representation than the RPPR does alone. If you identify any potentially erroneous property information while using this site, please contact us or submit a bad data report by clicking on the property on the homepage and following the link.

All bad data reports submitted to us are reviewed approximately monthly and changes applied upon review.

Property Price Predictions

All predictions made by the site are just that, predictions. The quality of any predictions made is directly influenced by the data quality of the RPPR. Despite the above warning from the PSRA, the data quality is generally ok, and we do our best to improve it. Regardless, we acknowledge our models are far from perfect, which is why we publish our margins of error, and encourage you to place all information available on this site in context.

Furthermore, predictions should be considered less as Property Price predictions, and more as Property Price Register predictions. That is, the 'predicted' price is that which is predicted to appear on the RPPR if the house was sold. As such, for new houses, that includes VAT, but for all other properties it does not include tax.

Risk Factors

Risk factors are all indicative, and all depend heavily on the specifics of the locale. Hover over the risk buttons for a more in-depth explanation of how risks are defined and potential pitfalls in the analysis techniques.


All demographic area comes from the CSO Small Area Statistics as part of the 2011 and 2016 Irish census. This information is available here:

Statistics are mapped to Electoral Districts, the border coordinates are taken from townlands.ie. There are some situations where Electoral District names differ between the CSO and townlands.ie, and hence geographic and demographic information may be misaligned.